Garden Fantasy @ Howlin’ Wolf 3-9-13

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We had a blast at this party! Another “Time Capsule” set in Jen’s beautiful garden area of the sim!

Garden Fantasy @ Howlin' Wolf 3-9-13

Garden Fantasy @ Howlin’ Wolf 3-9-13


See all the pics here! And lots of Moonie playing with the Windlight settings of the Firestorm viewer! *LOL!


Disco Night @ Howlin’ Wolf 3-2-13

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Disco, Baby! Yeah…we had a blast with a full set of Disco tunes on March 2, 2013. Yeah…Howlin’ Wolf IS a Blues club, however…Jen has let me go WILD on Saturday nights (6-8PM SLT) with what we are calling “Moonie’s Time Capsule”…I could and WILL play anything on these nights! This night was Disco! I also spin on Friday nights (8-10PM SLT) and it’s nuthang but BLUES on Fridays 🙂

Disco Night @ Howlin' Wolf 3-2-13

Disco Night @ Howlin’ Wolf 3-2-13

Rest of the pics are here!

Howlin’ Wolf Blues Bar

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Yeah, I said I’m going backwards with posting pics…going backwards, sideways…allllll over the place! I’m just going as I’ve organized in my “pics” folder LOL!

Anyways, started working at this cool club back in early December 2012, the Howlin’ Wolf Blues Bar. The club is owned by Jen Cuddihy, and located on an awesome sim, adjacent to LOTS of ocean sims to sail on (yeap, got into SL sailing…I’m sure I’ll have pics of that too!) Jen is alway a great DJ, bringing a number of “niche” sets to SL, not limited to Big Band and Irish music! Come hang with us! The club runs sets from Thursday thru Sunday with some of SL’s best DJ’s!

First Night at Howlin' Wolf December 2012

First Night at Howlin’ Wolf December 2012

See the rest of the pics here!


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Wow! It has been well over a year since I’ve posted anything on this page 😦 Life sure has a way of moving very quickly! But…I’m still in SL..still DJ’ing, though what I call “semi-retired” now *LOL* and still creating…I have to “tinker”, has always been a way of life with me 😛

I got a new computer the Christmas before last, so have MANY pics to post…and I’m gonna! I’ll just start with the lastest pics, and comment as I go…no need to bore anyone!


St. Pat's Party @ Howlin' Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat’s Party @ Howlin’ Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat's Party @ Howlin' Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat’s Party @ Howlin’ Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat's Party @ Howlin' Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat’s Party @ Howlin’ Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat's Party @ Howlin' Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat’s Party @ Howlin’ Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat's Party @ Howlin' Wolf Blues Bar 2013

St. Pat’s Party @ Howlin’ Wolf Blues Bar 2013


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Whether you call it Remembrance Day or Memorial Day, what better day to remember and celebrate our friend Bear.

                                                 CELEBRATING A BLUES MAN – REMEMBERING  BEAR


Friday November 11th~4 PM – midnight (or later)~at Calli’s place, just down the hill from Bear’s SL home.

4 – 5 PM – Calli will have the stream playing blues, come on over, throw down a blanket on the lawn, have a picnic 🙂
5 – 6 PM – Ziffy Zarf – live music
6 – 7 PM – Kyle Bronsdon – live music
7 – 8 PM – DickPinelli
8 – 9 PM – Calli Christensen
9-10 PM – Fiery Otaared
10 – ? – Bard Wasp – slow blues
Please join us – whether for a few minutes or a few hours – to celebrate a man who touched so many of us so deeply; not to mourn, but to share the bond he created among  us using what he loved – the blues.  Bear was my freind for many years and I know this is how he would like to be remembered- not with crying, not with drama, not with dancing girls dressed like him performing as a tribute band – just with an evening of blues lovers sharing the blues and helping a good cause in the process.
Bear left us in June, and at the time many of you asked where you could send donations in his memory.  His son  asked me to choose a blues-related charity that Bear would have approved of, and arrange whatever activity in-world that I felt appropriate.  Talking with Fiery, another of Bear’s friends, we decided to arrange a celebration of Bear – a full evening of the blues he loved, with all donations and tips raised donated to The Blues Foundation – HART Fund in his name.

From their website:  “The HART fund provides assistance to Blues musicians and their families in times of great financial need due to medical emergencies. Donations to the HART Fund are dedicated 100% to artist relief efforts … and have been used to pay medical bills, obtain needed medical care and assist with funeral expenses.”  Bear often commented on how many blues musicians struggled with poverty, health care issues etc and I feel this is a foundation he would have appreciated receiving a donation in his name.

You can find more information about the Foundation and the HART Fund here:
If you can’t join us, but wish to contribute to the donation in his name, contact Callipygian Christensen for information on how to donate.  I will be matching  25,000 lindens donated, and so will Fiery – so potentially 100,000 lindens for a great cause. Bear would be proud 🙂

Reprinted with permission by Callipygian Christensen

Relay for Life in SL

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Had to come do a quick post about Relay for Life in Second Life. As most that know me well, I’ve very involved in Relay for Life in SL and for many years in RL. This cause is even more important to me than ever, having lost 5 friends in the past year…4 of those to cancer. On the bright side, I know MANY survivors of cancer…so there is HOPE..and why we all work so hard for this awesome charity to fund the research for the CURE!

I will be posting about events here…and one post of a past event last week that just absolutely blew everyone out of the water!

As part of our Key West drive to support Relay for Life, we are staging our ‘Meet the Date’ event. During it, you will have the chance to bid in an auction – and win a date with some of SL’s friendliest and funkeist people. Or, if your like – you can also enter the auction yourself as a potential date and see who bids for you.

Meet Your Date RFL Event

Meet Your Date RFL Event

The end of the auction takes place at a three hour party.. The bid winners and their date can then enjoy 2 hours of fun and dance and chat and getting to know each other. This event will be a Date Auction ending in a Formal Dance on April 9th from 1-4PM. The Formal Dance and Auction MC and DJ will be DJ Moonie with a mix of romantic songs. The auction winners will be announced during the event.

Your help comes into play as we will need DATE entries! There will be a date auction board placed at Key West, where each entrants photo and short bio can be viewed before bidding.

Two of the contestants?? Key West’s own Liz Harley and DJ MoonMaiden Horner! Please consider becoming a contestant and or bidding!!

The last event took place at The Riverside Blues Club on Saturday, March 26. The event being a “DJ Battle” where two DJ’s go toe to toe in their own special style of tunes. Raymond65 Docherty (the owner of Riverside Blues) and I went at it for 2 hours…doing three 20 mintue sets each…and there was a WINNER! Relay for Life! The Riverside “True Bluers” (our awesome guests and staff) came together and donated over 200,000L during the 2-hour event!


Ray Pic taken by Sinsaber Holgado

Moonie Pic taken by Sinsaber Holgado

Moonie Pic taken by Sinsaber Holgado

Sage referees the "battle" Pic by Sinsabar


I think I have to say, this was one of the most amazing events I’ve ever particpated in in my 4 plus years in Second Life. Everyone donated and shared personal stories during the night..and a week later, I am still in awe of the generoisty that was shared.

See Ray’s Riverside Blues Society post here.

I’d like to share a few comments from the RFL Team, Relay Rockers, the team this event collected donations for:

Nuala Maracas: HI..I am the captain of the Relay Rockers Team and was event co-chair for Relay for a couple years……this is one of the most amazing events I have seen in 7 years….. you made it personal..put your heart in it…..and all I can say is . WOW…. Thank you

Another note from the Relay Rockers team:
The Relay for Life Of Second Life – Relay Rockers Team, would like to extend to Ray Docherty, Moonie Horner, as well as the whole staff of Riverside our heartfelt thank you for helping to support our fundraising efforts on behalf of the American Cancer Society.  Its people making the effort like all of you did, that will help win the battle against Cancer.  It was truly a great experience to have an event with all of you.

And , to all the wonderful Patrons who made it all possible, truly a blessing to have been there with all of us.  We all share in the dream of defeating this disease , and with everyones help it can happen.  Great strides are being made every day, and its all dependent on everyones continued support, once again , Thank you Riverside. 

Respectfully yours.

Nuala Maracas – Captain
Xyza Armistice – Co Captain
Trader1 Whiplash – Co Captain
KJ Kiranov – Secretary
KJ Michigan – Rockers Member

Relay Rockers RFL website

Photo taken by Greywolf

Also, there were a few “promises” made during the evening to boost donations *LOL*

Rinda and Sage Pic taken by Delia Claremont

Ray and Moonie's "good deed"

Ray promised to do a set dressed in a thong (Sorry, Ray…just had to post the pic!!) And I was volunteered by Rinda to wear dresses for a week…so I upped the ante, if the crowd got over a certain amount, I would wear dresses for TWO weeks, no tats, no sl ciggie! Do wear your sunglasses if you see me dancing in the clubs! Just saying….

Again, a HUGE thank you to all at the Riverside Blues Club for such an amazing, heartfelt evening! I’m so blessed to know you all!


Another loss….

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A dear friend, Emrys Cavan, passed on February 8th due to a brain aneurysm in Cardiff Wales.

Emrys Cavan

Ems and I shared our love of Blues in SL for many years..having become friends back in January of 2007…enjoying many live shows and favorite DJ’s together.

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.  ~Robert Southey

You will be missed, Ems